Brands in India are Known for Sustainable And Ethical Men's Fashion

Brands in India are Known for Sustainable And Ethical Men's Fashion
  1. Bhane:

    • Bhane focuses on sustainable and conscious fashion, using eco-friendly fabrics and promoting ethical manufacturing practices.
  2. Nicobar:

    • Nicobar offers a range of sustainable menswear, emphasizing natural fabrics and a minimalist aesthetic.
  3. Eka:

    • Eka is known for its sustainable and artisanal approach to clothing. The brand emphasizes handcrafted textiles and ethical production.
  4. No Nasties:

    • No Nasties is an organic, fair-trade clothing brand committed to ethical practices. They offer a range of men's basics and casual wear.
  5. Doodlage:

    • Doodlage is known for upcycled and sustainable fashion, creating unique pieces from leftover fabric scraps.
  6. Kapda by Urvashi Kaur:

    • Urvashi Kaur's brand, Kapda, focuses on sustainable fashion with an emphasis on traditional textiles and craftsmanship.
  7. The Doodleden:

    • The Doodleden offers sustainable and handcrafted menswear, often featuring hand-drawn illustrations and eco-friendly fabrics.
  8. Tencel by Liva:

    • Tencel by Liva promotes the use of Tencel fabric, known for its sustainable and eco-friendly properties. Several Indian brands incorporate Tencel into their collections.
  9. EcoVibe:

    • EcoVibe is committed to sustainable fashion and ethical production, offering a range of clothing, including men's wear.
  10. Ethicus:

    • Ethicus specializes in organic and fair-trade cotton clothing, including men's apparel. They work closely with local artisans in South India.
  11. White Charcoal:

    • White Charcoal focuses on sustainable and cruelty-free fashion, using organic and eco-friendly materials.

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